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Andrea Lauer - Efficiency and Effectiveness

Stacey Stockdill - Connectivity

Dan Frank - Changing Populations

Tim Houle - Champion Chair

Larry Lundbland - Education and Workforce

Mike Monson - USDA Rural Development

Jason Edens - Energy

Arlene Jones - Local Foods

Jani Wiebolt - Healthcare

Todd Hollman - Natural Resources and Development Patterns

Jennifer Bergman - Affordable Housing/Housing


League of MN Cities 2016 Conference: Resilient Region planning and implementation session

Building a Resilient Region

Link to Building a Resilient Region video

Border to Border Broadband Needs in Region Five

Region Five Border to Border Broadband


SPROUT Local Food HUB Gathering Vidoes

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Technology Mobile Promo Video



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A Community-Driven, University-Assisted, Partnership

Working Together to Create a Resilient Region


                Testimonials Part I: View Here

                Testimonials Part II: View Here 

                 NADO Grantee Reflections:

                           HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative View Here



“HUD/DOT/EPA 3 federal agencies, got together for the first time in our history, and offered this opportunity for regions to create a sustainable plan. Looking 25 years into the future, saying, “Where do we want to be 25 years from now.” Looking at it from an Economic Vitality … looking at it from an environmental stewardship point of view and socially responsible practices as well.We wanted to make sure that all the work was grass-roots driven and that the plans were coming from community.” (Cheryal Lee Hills, Executive Director, Region 5 Development Commission)


How does this sustainable regional planning impact you?

“Part of the reason I am so intrigued by the regional planning efforts is because I love living here. I am looking forward to a future here and in order for that to be prosperous and possible I want it to be sustainable.” (Quinn Swanson; Non-Profit – Food and Water)



“I am not so much interested in the future for myself because I might not be here that much longer. I am interested in the future for my children and my grandchildren … and the future of everyone else – that is why I am on this committee.” (Art & Jan Warner; Non-Profit – Historical Preservation)



“I grew up in this area and have had an opportunity to serve this area. I grew up on a family farm. Kathy and I raised our family here. Selfishly one thing I would like to see is to have a resilient economic situation in this area so our kids can move back.” (Neal Gaalswyk; Public – Elected Official)



“I believe it will be a road map that both the entrepreneur the venture capitalist and government can use.” (Jensine Kurtti, Rural Community Member)




“As a part of this work more people will be aware of Green Island, but more importantly we will become a part of a strong network of organizations to serve this region … and bring home the importance of art and creativity in our lives.” (Vicki Chepulis, Non-profit – Arts & Local Foods)



“I would like to see the final outcome from the planning – that we continue to use a systems approach for all our planning all our work. Because as soon as citizens, businesses, organizations and government start using systems as the foundation, it helps them understand the environment is the valued resource upon which we build.” (Denise Stromme, formerly with MPCA now with U of MN Extension Service)

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