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Changing Populations



goals, recommendations, and action steps:

Changing Populations Issues

Changing populations: As our future workforce shrinks and ages, it is important that every citizen has the skills necessary to be productive, valued, and self-reliant, rather than dependent on society. Ethnic diversity will continue to grow and expand from existing clusters that are now mostly associated with areas of food processing jobs and will be an important source of future workforce growth.The region’s aging population impacts every area for which we are planning. Housing, transportation, land use, and the current and future workforce will all be affected by the age of our population.

Changing Populations Goal

Changing populations: As the region’s population changes, make adjustments to meet the need and seize the opportunities these changes present.

Changing Populations Recommendations and Action Steps


THE RESILIENT READER: The Changing Populations Champions all do their part to address aging issues


Champion Dan Frank, Community Specialist, Initiative Foundation


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Mary Sam, Director of Intercultural Services, Central Lakes College

DeAnn Barry, Executive Director, Brainerd Lakes Area Senior Center

Dean Loidolt, Community Service Developer, Central MN Council on Aging

Dan Frank, Community Specialist, Initiative Foundation